A Legend Reborn
At the corner of Greenwich and Rector Streets, three blocks south of the World Trade Center, the rebirth of George's Restaurant clearly captures the atmosphere of the area. Thanks to great food, the place's personality and design, George's Restaurant is considered a legend. A New York legend that opened its gates on 1950, has been famous of the big portion plates and its people's smile. In a neighborhood which is trademarked by stress and extreme fast pace, George's is an oasis for people to sit down, relax and enjoy their breakfast, lunch or dinner.

A year after the tragic events of 9/11, with a structural damage caused by the terrorist attack, George's Restaurant had to be demolished. The owners George and his son Billy Koulmentas standing in front of the rumbles made the decision to rebuild. They owed it to the generations of people who considered this small restaurant a haven of rest and relaxation. And they succeded. They built a beautiful restaurant, adding one more story, doubling the size of the previous one. Its simple, but elegant design makes it a small gem in this injured lower Manhattan neighborhood.

George's menu is characterised by its vast variety. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner from 6 am to 10 pm. You can find fresh cold cut sandwiches to chef's signature designed dishes. Every Saturday and Sunday there is a brunch menu which is different every weekend. The "Croissant French Toast" , the Waffles and 100 different egg dishes, makes this weekend brunch a must try.

Come visit George's Restaurant in New York. Eat your fresh eggs in the morning, grab a sandwich for lunch or have an elegant Chicken Florentine for dinner. If you love the exceptional taste of a traditional New York Pizza, you should definitely visit Masterpiece Pizzeria and Restaurant. Same owners, same unforgettable experience. Either way the people at George's and Masterpiece will make you feel like you are home. They can also bring this hospitality to your home or office, delivering it for free by calling (212) 269-8026. You can also open a corporate account by filling out this form. And if you are visiting the New York Downtown Area, there is not better place to stay than Eleni's Bed and Breakfast. Enjoy the delicious food of George's combining with luxurious accomodations.